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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

One of the pages in my 2011 Christmas Planner is a Christmas Festivities Bucket List.  This list consists of everything I'd like to do during the holiday season.  My list has 28 items on it.  Let's do the math:  There are 37 days until Christmas, and I have 28 tasks to complete.  Hmmm, I have a feeling they're not all going to happen.  I asked my family what their most important traditions are, and they replied with the following list:
Our revised "mini list" is totally doable, and it will satisfy our desire for a season rich with tradition. 

What are you most important holiday traditions?

Photo From Wells Fargo WinterSkate

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Getting Behind...

I seem to be falling behind in my blogging duties!  Here's a recap:
  • We did a few other fun activities for Halloween
  • We trick or treated at my sisters house in Eagan with her two little boys.  My parents came too.  It's a fun tradition that I hope continues for a loooong time :)
  • My mom, sister, and I went on our annual Mother/Daughter/Sister Christmas shopping trip last weekend.  For me, Christmas has already started!  I looove it! 
I'll try to be better from now on about posting!  Life seems to have been getting in the way.  Imagine that!