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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our Summer In Pictures - Week 5

Monday we went to the MN Zoo with cousins for "Aunt Leslie's Day Camp"

...it was so hot, we played in the water most of the time.

Picked berries with friends

Went on a boat ride down the mighty Mississippi

Elise had a blast on the boat ride, too!

Baby Madeline's 1st birthday party

Millie pulled the lucky string, and opened up the pinata

We made our annual trek to Wisconsin to pick up fireworks.  Afterwards we went to the farm to play with them.  Elise was nervous.  They had more fun catching fireflies.  

Went to the Back To The 50's car show 

We tried to go to the Lake Elmo Park Reserve to cool off after the car show, but it was super packed.  We came home and swam in the pool instead.

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