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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Service Project 2 - Forest Critters

Did you think we'd forget the forest critters??  No way!  Not with my forest critter lovin' kidlets.  :)

We strung up some cranberries and popcorn, and brought it down to the "island" at the farm.  The island is a magical place at the farm (which is really more of a peninsula than an island), where Elise has a castle made out of a fallen tree.  Her castle is complete with a kitchen, bedroom, TV, and upstairs :)  I dream of having "island school" out there next Spring.  Imagine a tent, lap desks, nature study up the wazoo, and wading in the creek...

I'm not exactly sure who will eat our popcorn and cranberry stings.  Perhaps some squirrels, mice, or birds will enjoy an early Christmas feast.

Elise is in the kitchen section of her castle
Bud is in the upstairs section of Elise's castle

I can't keep this kid out of the creek!
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