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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Two Cowgirls Preschool - Letter B

Back to the daily grind!  This was our first week back after a two week break, proceeded by a few weeks of Christmasy fun.  It went a lot better than I thought!  I think the kids (and I) thrive on routine.

Here's what we did in preschool this week:

Day 1:

Our theme for the week was "hibernation".  We read a couple great books, did our "letter B" work sheet, and worked in Elise's new Preschool workbook.  I ordered the workbook to see if she could complete the tasks (sometimes I don't think I give her enough credit, and this was my way of finding out).  She loved working on it so much, that she ended up going through page 20 before I cut her off!  One thing she did that was kind of goofy, was on the page where she was given three objects, and was told to circle the two that are the same, she opted to draw on the 3rd "different" one and make it the same as the others.  So, not exactly following the directions (in true Elise fashion), but showing me that she could tell which one was different.  Silly kid.  We ended the day with a fun art project.  She drew a page of a cave where a bear might be hibernating, and we glued a picture of a bear on it.  It's pretty cute, and she had a lot of fun trying to think of different things a person might find in the woods.

Day 2:

We read about the Bugle Flower Fairy, read books, and worked in her workbook some more.  I was originally going to have her work on counting and identifying/writing numbers, but she wanted to work on that workbook so bad, so I let her.


On Wednesday, Millie had Norse story hour at Ingebretsons as part of her book club.  While we were there, Elise got to spend some one on one time with Grandma Susie.  She loved it!  The had a tea party, built a castle kit, and made furniture out of Legos (what else?!) to go inside.

Friday Millie had another book club event.  This one was 2 hours long, and Elise had to tag along.  I brought along some fun activities (Legos, a cutting and pasting project, a book, and a doll).  Between those things, a snack, and meeting a new friend, Elise had a great time!

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