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Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Is Here! Spring Is Here!

Shout it from the roof tops!!  Spring is here!  OK, maybe I'm being a little over dramatic, but anyone who lives in Minnesota would agree that this was the longest Winter!  It feels so SO great to have some warmth.  It's the little things that are so awesome when the weather changes, like feeling air on your arms.  So great :)

We had a full week.  Monday was Earth Day.  We watched a documentary about Jane Goodall.  She is such an amazing woman.  Millie is now inspired to join Roots and Shoots.  Luckily we have on in our area, so hopefully she can connect with them.  We were going to do a park clean-up, but they were all delayed, then cancelled because of the snow.

Millie just did her normal work this week; cursive, spelling, math, learning about creating new life in science, and that's about it.  She had a lot of outings later in the week.  In fact, the outings overtook our week a bit, and we somehow managed to skip preschool altogether. Eeek!

Wednesday we went to a playdate at a playground.  It was the first nice day (although still really windy and cold.  I did NOT dress appropriately.  I must have just been too excited about the forecast of 50*).  The girls had a blast playing with friends, and meeting new friends.

Thursday was Bring Your Daughter To Work Day.  Millie went with Bud to work for half the day.  She had a great time photocopying her hand, playing on the Kindle, and coloring.  She didn't do any of the school work I sent with her.  I guess I can't blame her!  Afterwards, we all went out to lunch together at Buffalo Wild Wings (Millie's choice).

Friday we were supposed to go to book club then go to the horse expo, but Millie was too excited, so we decided to go directly to the horse expo.  It was much busier this year then in the years past, so the girls didn't get to ride horses all day long like they're used to doing.  It was really fun walking around, seeing all the different breeds, watching a show, petting lots of horses, etc.  There were quite a few foals, which was beyond adorable.

That about sums up our week!  We officially have 11 days left of school, and we have outings planned for 7 of them, and a standardized test on one of them.  Wowza, I need to use my super-organizational-woman skills to pull through the next few weeks!  Wish me luck!

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