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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our Summer So Far

Summer is going by so fast!  Someone please tell it to slow down!

Although it doesn't seem to me that we've had a lot of  "memory making moments" this summer, looking back on these pictures makes me feel better about things. :)

Elise learned that she loves climbing rocks and trees.

We went to the Back to the 50's kick off party at Mears Park.  Bud took them to the actual Back to the 50's show the next weekend.  They had a blast!

The kids spent 4 days at "farm camp".  They built boats, made a fort up in the rafters of the old chicken coop, played with kitties and chicks, played on the swing, and spent quality time with their cousins and grandparents.  

We finally made it to the cheese curd festival in Ellsworth, Wisconsin!  We drive through Ellsworth every year, usually the weekend after the festival.  This year, we actually put it on the calendar, and made it for the parade, cheese curds, barrel train ride, music, and games.  I love this picture of Bud sitting under a Budweiser sign eating cheese curds in the cheese curd capital of the world!

That night we went to the farm to play with out (perfectly legal, of course!) fireworks.  

4th of July parade in Wannamingo, followed up with a fun picnic and birthday celebration for Millie.

Lots of summertime randomness:

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