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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elise's Book Pick

We've had a sick house for the past few days.  Elise was sick first, and Millie has been sick for 3 days.  Elise seemed to be feeling better this morning, so I begged Bud to stay with Millie so I could take Elise to the library for a much needed trip out of the house.  Last time we went, she was so good, I had to pat myself on the back and remind myself what a great job I'm doing parenting my challenging toddler.  Well, today she set out to prove me wrong.  As soon as the librarian started story time, Elise got up and started handing books out to all the little kids.  It seemed sweet, until she started becoming disruptive.  I put an end to it by trying to hold her on my lap.  Fail.  She decided to work on puzzles instead.  Once she was done with that (after about a minute and a half) she decided to start pulling books off the shelves.  I had to chase after her, picking up after her path of destruction.  One of the books she selected, she refused to let go of, so I let her check it out.  After I had selected a total of 12 library books (we always check out 12 so we never forget how many we have to look for on library day), we left.  I was so flustered while checking out the books, and so busy talking to the librarian, that I didn't look at the books I was getting.
When I got home, I took the books out of the bag to show Millie what I got, and was surprised to see the book Elise picked out.  Yep, it pretty much sums up our trip to the library today.  Here it is:

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