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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Super Saturday

There are so many free things to do on Saturdays around the cities!  While I should be relaxing my Saturdays away during the summer (they're going to be super busy during the school year when circus and skating classes start up!), I can't resist all the fun. 

Saturdays at Central Library are bustling with activity!  We went to see Alan Johnson, Comedy Juggler Extraordinaire today.  He was hilarious and engaging.  Millie got to go up to volunteer.  In return she got a pink poodle balloon animal, which she's been busy playing with ever since.  Elise was interested for most of the time, but what she really enjoyed was dancing to his fun music. 
Two Saturdays later, Millie took a woodworking class at Lowes.  She made a waving flag, and had a blast doing it!  Here she is with her handiwork:

It was my intention to take Saturday classes at Lakeshore Learning and Home Depot, but it looks like all of our Saturdays are booked for the rest of the summer *gasp*. 

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