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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Farm School - Raptors

This was our final Farm School class for a while (we need to crack down and finish our academics.  Only 6 weeks of school left before the BIG standardized test and Summer vacation.  Hooray!).

Millie is very interested in raptors, and knows quite a bit about them.  We've read numerous books and visited the raptor center, so to keep this class interesting we had to do something new. 

We started out reading a passage from The Handbook Of Nature Study.

We made bird feeders out of toilet paper tubes, peanut butter, and seeds.  Of course this part of class didn't have anything to do with raptors (neither does the next activity), but it was still fun.  The kids got to see birds attempt to eat seeds off these slightly awkward feeders.  The birds had to hang upside down from the branch! 

We went on a nature walk look for bird nests.  We saw the nests of a Baltimore Oriole (which is a different design than we'd ever seen before.  It hangs down from the tree) and Crow.  I found (on the ground, don't worry!  I didn't take someones home)  a nest that we think belonged to a finch of some sort. 

Next we hopped into the car and drove by two eagles nests!  This picture doesn't do it justice.  Grandpa has nice binoculars, so we were able to see the eagle, up close and personal!  So cool. 

Before we left, Grandpa and Millie started working on an American Kestrel house.  They didn't finish before we left, but were able to finish it the next day when Millie went down to the farm (again!). 

And, last but not least, here's Elise sitting in a tree chair.  :)


  1. The tree looks like a lap with bended knees. Too neat!

  2. That is cool you found so many nests!