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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The First Few Weeks of Homeschool

It seems that I could change the name of my blog to "All About Elise," lately.  Per my Moms request (Hi Mommy!), here is what Millie has been up to during her first 3 weeks of 3rd grade:

She met up with a bunch of friends to do a service project for Great River Greening, where they gathered acorns to be planted (the goal is 100,000 acorns!)

We get outside as much as possible while we still can.  Here she's stopping to smell the roses.

We went apple picking with her BFF.  The kids were more interested in playing with the dogs and climbing the trees, then actually picking apples.  Apple picking is hard work!  It's the first time we've ever done it.

She went geocaching for her first time.

She was super energized when she got to see a nucleus inside a cell through her microscope.  Her excitement was priceless! 

Along with a lot of great outings with friends, she read Animal Stories and started reading The Secret Garden.  She's learning about (and is really enjoying) Native Americans.  We've done some really cool activities with this, like painting rocks (like in The Birchbark House, which we just finished today), making hominy, watching video clips about the Seminole, and visiting the Dakota exhibit at the Minnesota History Museum).  She's working really hard at her piano lessons.  And, lastly, she's actually enjoying Language Arts this year, and her printing is really improving. 

It's been a busy 3 weeks!  If you ask her what her favorite subjects are in school, she'll say "History and Science".  And, she doesn't say "I hate math" anymore, which is HUGE.  Yay!  

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