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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Do Homeschoolers Get Snow Days?

-35 Degrees below zero?!  Even this native Minnesotan had to bunker down and stay home for a few days!  Public schools were cancelled for two days.  When the girls heard about it, they wondered, "do homeschoolers get snow days?"  Well, sort of.  How's that for an answer?

Monday was the day of the extreme cold.  In fact, some parts of Minnesota were as cold as parts of Mars.  ;)  Two Cowgirls Homeschool Academy went ahead with school as usual, much to my girls' dismay.  Our play group was cancelled, so we did an extra science lesson on Monday so we'd be ahead of the game.

Elise only wanted to do "Lego school," so here it is.  Thank you Pinterest for the idea ;)

Tuesday we were stir crazy, so after morning classes, we called the cousins and went out to Nickelodeon Universe.  It was so fun!  Bud surprised the girls by showing up at the park.  I'm so glad he came out because he encouraged Millie to go on rides that she wouldn't go on without him (the log chute and roller coaster).

A brief trip to the American Girl store to check out Isabelle, the girl of the year

Thursday it was finally starting to warm up, and fortunately for us, a family cancelled for the morning class at Silverwood.  We were able to go out for quinzhee building and a lesson about survival gear.  It was "warmer" but still frigid.  It was nice to get some fresh air, despite almost freezing our little toes off.

Thursday afternoon was "business as usual," with a history and science lesson.

Fun with geoboards
Feeling sound waves

Friday was girl scouts!  Millie started working on her drawing badge, and Elise earned her Daisy center and one petal.

Millie's officially a Junior
Elise received her Daisy pin

The girls all made a "melty the snowman" craft
Melty in sunglasses
Princess Melty

The Daisys and Brownies learned about Giuseppe Arcimboldo

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