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Friday, January 31, 2014

World War I Unit Study

Monday was yet another "cold day" in which schools were cancelled.  We plugged on with our lessons so we can reach my personal goal of being done teaching by May 31st!

We finished up out World War I unit this week.  Here's what we did:

We read the following books:

We didn't read straight through, I picked out the topics that I wanted to cover, and picked which book covered it best.  I guess I wouldn't really recommend one book over the other, they were all pretty good.  If one was too wordy for us, it had great pictures, and vice versa.

Millie read the American Girl Rebecca books which take place in 1914, right as the war was getting started.  There's very little mention of the war in the books, but it was interesting for her to get a feel for what kids were doing during that time period of war, immigration, and change.

Coincidentally, the princess book club that the girls are in is reading about Anastasia Romanov, which takes place during WWI, too.  It's a bit of a different perspective.  More on this book club at a later date ;)

We used these online resources to learn more about things that he books didn't cover, like

how animals were used in the war (or, 10 fun ways to study WWI),
an interview with the last living American WWI vet,
and poppy art (buried somewhere in my homeschool Pinterest board).

For Millie's final project, she chose to do a diorama about the use of animals in WWI.

Of course, we didn't just do WWI "stuff" this week.  We learned about deadly mosquito bites, wrote funny stories in Peterkin Paper style, and did a LOT of free educational exploration.

I'm quickly learning that Elise's learning style is completely opposite of Millie's.  Millie likes to be directed 90% of the time.  Elise on the other hand, loves figuring out things on her own, and doing a lot of independent learning.  Right now she's REALLY into this book:

Here's what she has been up to this week:

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