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Friday, September 26, 2014

1 Piano Lesson, 2 Zoos, and 3 Playdates

I thought this was out last super busy week for a while, but then I glanced at my calendar, and realized that we only have a one week break from the craziness.  Oh well, at least we're a two car family now.  It should relieve some of the headache of having to balance everything!

Here's what we did this week:

We were supposed to go up to Lake Maria State Park to study Minnesota's hardwood biome, but plans changed, and we ended up having a play date at a friends house instead.  It was great!  Elise played dinosaurs with her little buddy, and Millie and friends walked around the neighborhood,   She bought junk at a garage sale (a ridiculous old chipped up cat salt and pepper shaker for Grandma Rira for $8!!), then returned said junk back to the garage sale where it came from ;)  (You're welcome, Grandma Rira!  Ha ha!)  Fortunately the guy running the sale took the stuff back.  Oy.  


Our biggest day yet!  It totally did poor Elise in.  We went to the MN Zoo for homeschool day.  The girls got to watch a diver feed the tropical fish.  He answered a question the girls have been wondering for a long time.  Why doesn't the shark eat the fish?  Because that kind of shark doesn't eat fish!  They also attended a talk about turtles.  From there we went directly to playgroup, where the girls played with their friends for a couple hours.  They found a hobo hut in the woods, which was pretty exciting.  :p  After that, we went directly to Millie's piano lesson.  When we got home, Millie had to walk the neighbor dog.  Phew!  What a day!  I was so glad to put the girls to bed and veg out on the couch in the evening!!


Swimming lessons!  Elise is going to learn to swim this year.  She's not afraid of the water, and she tried everything her teacher asked her to do.  I'm proud of my little fishy!  They have open swim on Wednesday afternoon.  Next week we'll come back for that (hopefully with friends).  Afterwards we went home and did school.  After their 3 R's, the girls worked on their DIY.org projects.  Millie worked on her painting challenge, and Elise worked on her zoology challenge.


This was such a great day!  We didn't get out of our jammies (until I had to run to the grocery store to get lettuce and tomatoes for taco night).  We did our 3 R's in the morning.  Millie finished working on her packed about Where the Red Fern Grows.  <--- That's a sketch of Billy when he walked to town and saw his reflection for his first time.  In the afternoon we set up a science experiment in which the girls track the weather using a pinecone, and did an art lesson about texture.  It was so nice to be home all day!!


Friday should have been a stay-at-home day,
 but we were sidetracked by an
invitation from cousins to go to the zoo!  The girls were so eager to go, that they finished all their work by 10:30 AM (that includes a math test, reading practice, and copy work for Elise, and typing, math, english, and piano for Millie).  They can really book-it with the right motivation!

That sums up our week!  We have a fun weekend planned, including a drive up to Duluth to see the fall colors and to cross a few waterfalls off our list.

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