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Friday, October 3, 2014

Autumn Is Blowing In

I can feel the autumn blowing in!  Our windows are rattling, it's 35 degrees, the ground is wet, and dry leaves are falling off the trees.  It's happening way too fast, I'm not ready for this!

As I look back on last week, I have to wonder if this was our last week of outdoor play without coats.

Here's what we did this week:


The girls did geography today!  They watched a few videos about the continents and oceans, and made their geography binders.  What's a geography binder, you ask?  It's a 3 ring binder with one tab per continent, plus another for the USA.  The girls will put their projects that pertain to each continent in the binder, and in the end will have a nice portfolio of their work.  Next time they have geography, they'll start doing really fun projects.  I'm super excited!


Playgroup day!  We met our friends at the apple orchard!  It was so nice.  The weather was great, the company was great, and the apple cider donuts were really great ;)  We went directly from there to Millie's piano lesson. She's making good progress on her piece.


Elise had swimming in the morning.  After lessons, the pool has open swim, so we met friends there for a couple hours of "free swim."  I think we'll continue this trend for the duration of Elise's lessons.  Next time, I'm bringing a swimming suit though!  The water slide was calling my name.  :)  When we got home, I fed the hungry swimmers, and then took a 3 hour nap. THREE HOURS!!  It felt great!


This was the first of the "Autumn's blowing in" days.  It was wet, windy, and cold.  We were going to do a really cool nature study (measuring the height and age of a tree), but the rain kept us indoors.  The girls did their 3 R's, and then played nicely together for the rest of the day.  In the evening I got to go OUT!  My sister took me to an "Old St. Paul" gathering, which was located at the Old Coney Island Bar.  The girls and I have been walking past that place every week on the way to the library for 10 years.  It's closed, and only opens up for private parties.  Purchasing that property has been on my "things I would do if I won the lottery" list for years (although, now that I know the history of the property, I don't think I'd want it.  The family that owns it loves it so much!).  It was a great night!


Another cold and rainy day :(  We stayed in and did our school work as planned.  Afterwards, the girls played board games for hours.  When did Operation get so annoying?  Holy cow.  That might have to go into the Goodwill pile.

So, that's the end of our week.  It was nice, relaxing, and we went from beautiful to winterish.  I'll take it!  But, please, I'd like a few more warm days.  I'm not ready to settle into winter yet!

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Look what Millie found in the barn at Grandma & Grandpas!  A fairy cat!

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  1. Looks like a great week. I'd love to be feeling fall blowing in. It's still 90 degrees here ;). One day I will visit the north in the fall so I can see it changing :). Have a great weekend!