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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Journey as a Juliette: aMuse Try Out Badge & Amazing Daisy

Journey as a Juliette:

aMuse: Try Out Badge
Amazing Daisy

Only a couple days left in December, and we finally had our last Girl Scout meeting of the year!  It was super fun.  Here's what we did:

We started out by saying our pledges. Instead of learning a silly Girl Scout song, we watched a silly Christmas song, "The 12 Cookies of Christmas."  

After that, we did our monthly activity.  This time, the girls made pretzel/Rolo/M&M treats.  It was fast, fun, and of course delicious!

The girls decided that they wanted to do each others activities together, so we all sat down and watched Alexander Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday.  This helped Elise understand that Money Counts!  Then we talked about wants vs. needs, and a little bit about how we budget  for our needs and wants in our household.  She has officially earned all 4 leaf patches!  Woo hoo!  A trip to the Girl Scout store is in order now :)

Then, it was time to complete Millie's Try Out portion of her aMuse journey.  Last month she did the first portion, and today she finished the last task.  She made a poster using watercolors, a picture of herself, and words that describe herself.  If she ever needs a "boost," she can look at her poster, and have the confidence to tackle any of the roles in her life.

While Millie worked on her journey, Elise painted a picture, and I read the story of Amazing Daisy.  If it was not Winter in Minnesota, we'd totally go out and plant a daisy garden.  Unfortunately, that's not an option for us.  Instead, Elise planted an amaryllis plant.  She'll take care of it and watch it grow.

That sums up our Girl Scout month!  

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  1. Thanks for sharing Alexander Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday, I'll have to use it when my Juliette Daisy works on the financial literacy leaves!