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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas '14

Christmas has come and gone, and left behind a flurry of memories.  For the first time in many years, we had a green Christmas!  The grass was green. on. Christmas!

Here's how we celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas day with our families:

We spent Christmas Eve morning at home.  We did some last minute cleaning, and the girls opened their gifts  each other.  I took each girl out shopping before Christmas.  They each got $10 to spend on their sister.  It was really hard to for them to stay under budget, but they both bought really thoughtful gifts for each other :)  Millie give Elise a Yoo Hoo and Friends hedgehog, and Elise gave Millie earrings and a makeup kit.

In the afternoon, we left for the farm.  The best part about having a green Christmas, was not having to worry about the roads on the way to and from the farm.  It was the first year in recent history that no one ran off the driveway :)

Between eating our Italian feast and opening presents, the kids played a few "Minute to Win it" games.  

Snowball toss
Stack the cups

Cookie from forehead to mouth without using hands

Opening a box with giant mittens on

She won the cash prize!!
From the front
From the back :)

It was a wonderful day at the farm :)

Christmas morning!  Santa Came!  We spent the morning at home, relaxing, and enjoying a nice breakfast together (egg dish and monkey bread).  

Even the hamster joined in on the fun.  See her in Millie's lap?
She got a phone!
Elsa, Anna, AND a stroller?!

In the afternoon we went to the other grandparents for more Christmas fun!  

It was a great Christmas spent with family, making memories, 
and filled with love!

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