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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Globes, Murder Mystery, and Tuesday Funday


Well, I think I've finally reached the part of the school year in which I'm sick of doing school.  The sun is coming through the windows, e-mail ads are tempting me with adorable spring clothes, and when the sun hits just right, the snow turns to puddles on the deck.  But, alas, the temperature is 5 degrees, and I must do a reality check.  There are only 12 weeks of school left (not that I'm counting down, or anything!).  I have to keep plugging away at this thing called school.

This was a great week, as far as school work went.  The girls did their 3 R's 4 days this week!  Usually it ends up only being 3, but we actually made it 4 this week.  Amazing!

Here's what we did:


After the girls did their regular school work, we had a quick lunch and ran out the door to globe class.  The class is almost complete, and we really don't have a product worthy of painting (in 3 days from now).  I think we're going to get some plaster and have Millie do the mountain ranges, at least.  Class was fun, of course.  Elise loves this day because she gets to play with her favorite friend.


Tuesday is a non-book work day.  We eased into the day, and left for piano lessons.  Millie got a couple new recital pieces.  One of them, in particular, is really really cool.  After lessons, we went to the condo for lunch and to hang out.  Being away from the condo for the winter has made me realize how much I love it there.  It's so bright and sunny, the flooring is so pretty, and everything is exactly how I want it (I think I'm home sick.  House sitting for the winter doesn't agree with me).  After lunch, we left for Tuesday Funday.  Elise did crafts and played in the gym with her friends, and Millie did the same thing, but in the older kid group.  I got some quality grown up chit chat time.  It was nice!


Today was super, extra fun!  We did our school work in the morning, and then before lunch I ran out to the grocery store and then to the Chinese place to pick up lunch!

You know you're a homeschool mom when you're giddy with excitement about an impending geography lesson, and you know you're kids will feel the same way!

I surprised the kids with Chinese food.  During lunch, they watched a tutorial on youtube about how to properly use chop sticks.  It was fun to watch them try to figure it out.  In the end, they ended up using forks.  Oh well.  I tried.  Afterwards we:


Today we did all our school work in the morning.  We were supposed to work on the globe, and do nature study, but we didn't.  I did some school work and the kids played.  In the evening Millie had to perform her one act play at family night at a local school.  One of "the fiddlers three" was sick, so Elise had to come up and fill in!  I wasn't there, but the pictures are adorable.  She's half the size of the other fiddlers.  He he.  Why wasn't I there?  Because I had Earth Science.  We learned all about earth quakes.  It was fun!  I love that I'm going back to school.  After class, I went back to the condo, took a midterm online for my Family Communications class, drank a lot of coffee, and took a nice relaxing bath.  It was so nice!!  Then, I went to work..(not relaxing).  


The girls did their school work in the morning, as usual.  After lunch, Millie went to Murder Mystery Play practice.  It's such a cool group.  The kids do some acting exercises, and are collectively writing, directing, acting in, and creating a murder mystery play.  I can't wait to see their finished product!  While she was at practice, Elise and I went to visit Aunt Kim, and played with the dogs.  She only lives 5 minutes away from where play practice was held.  Woo hoo!

In the evening, we went and looked at a house.  A house!  It's super tiny.  I mean, I don't even know how one would fit furniture in the living room.  But, despite the tiny size, I really like it.  See what I found in the closet?  I had this exact same doll!!  It's a sign...  Also, it has a bomb shelter.  How cool is that??

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  1. I know what you mean about "counting down"... It's February after all, and it seems that this is a month when most homeschooling mums feel the drudgery, so you're not alone! :-) Your timing for your China study is incredible - we're still in the Chinese New Year season. How's that for a wonderful coincidence?

  2. I was feeling just like you a week or so ago, but I am back to being pinky and perky this week! I hope the February bloooos lift soon, spring has to be imminent, right?