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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tuesday Funday, SciGirls, and Valentines Day

Love is in the air!  Happy Valentines day :)

We woke up this morning to a table full of goodies from Millie.  She's just so sweet.  She had me leave her at Target a couple weeks ago so she could shop alone.  Now I know what she was up to.  She bought chocolates for Bud, Elise, and I.  She also drew cards for us.  Sweetness.

It was a fun week, again.  I just need to take a moment to say that I'm so so very thankful that I'm not in a slump like I was last year.  It's mid-February, prime "winter doldrums" time, but things are going great.  Phew.

Here's what we did this week:


Our globe making class was cancelled today because the mom that hosts, broke her arm :(  That's the 5th person I know who has broken their arm recently.  What's up with that?  Since, our afternoon was suddenly free, Millie decided to teach deer class to us.  She taught us all about them, we made food to set out for the neighborhood herd, and we checked out the wildlife camera that she had set out.  She captured pictures of deer, a raccoon, and what looks like a fox or coyote.  Exciting!


Today it was raining ice chunks, so we skipped piano.  The roads were horrible.  We stayed warm, and did our regular work at home.  By afternoon, the roads had cleared up, so we went to Tuesday Funday, which was Valentines Day themed!  Both girls had so much fun!  Elise made cards, Millie made a valentines box, they both played in the gym, and had valentine cake with their friends.


S c i G i r l s...we need you!  Scigirls, our favorite day of the month!  It was different this time because we met up at the Science Museum of MN.  The girls had an archaeology class, and then got to explore the museum on their own.  Elise got to come with, and hang out with her friend Ben.  She thought it was pretty cool that she was included in a SciGirls event!


We stayed home today!  It was great.  The kids did their work in the morning, and I spent much of the afternoon doing my own school work.  It was nice to stay in.


Valentines party day!  We went to our friends house for lunch, valentines crafts, and free play.  It was so nice for me to get to chit chat the afternoon away with other mommies.  Everyone had a great time!  In the evening, Millie had play practice.  Only 3 practices left before the big competition!

Well, summer is 3.5 months away, but I have pretty much the entire summer vacation planned out.  Ha!  Millie decided that she wants to do overnight camp again, so I signed her up for that.  In addition, both girls will both go to Farm Camp, MN Zoo camp, and 4-H camp.  The only thing left to schedule, are swimming lessons.  The rest of the summer will be spent playing, playing, and more playing.

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  1. What a fun Valentines week! That is amazing about the pictures of the wild life. My boys would love that. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week :)