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Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Chicken Dissection, Science of Flames, and The Apple Store

I know my kids are still learning a lot, because we're out and about doing cool educational things on a regular basis.  The part I am uncomfortable with, is that we've been out and about too much.  I really need to cut back. Ugh.  It's hard.  Socialization really is a problem for homeschoolers.  There are simply too many options to be out socializing!!  Here's what we did this week:


Today the girls did their school work in the morning, and in the afternoon we were off to Gale Woods for farm class!  Millie dissected a chicken (!!).  She loved it, and was surprised at the density of the heart.  Barf!  I'm so glad she did that at class, and not on my kitchen table :)  I'm not exactly sure what Elise did in class because she doesn't come home with many details.  After class we went back to the house we were house sitting at, to do some final clean up.  While we were there, the in-laws came home.  It was so nice to see everyone after so many months.


Piano was cancelled today.  It was like receiving the gift of time!  Our house is in shambles, as we unpack from our house sitting gig.  I used my bonus gift of time to organize and clean.  It was fantastic.  In the afternoon, we met up with friends at the Science Museum.  They have a new exhibit that is a play structure made entirely out of tape.  The kids had so much fun there!  They also listened to a talk/demonstration of flames.  It was really interesting.  I'm learning so much as a homeschool mama!


SciGirls!!  Doesn't it seem like we just had SciGirls??  This one snuck up on me.  It was a great day.  The girls learned about robots, made a robot arm in their groups, and then we went to the Apple Store for a tour.  The girls made videos, and took home their videos on USB bracelets.  Fun times!  While Millie was at SciGirls, Elise spent the day with her friend Charlotte again.  I'm so thankful that they were willing to take her for the day again!  She spent part of the time reading Bob books :)  At least she got a little schooling in!!


Today we did school work in the morning, and then spent the afternoon at Good Times Park with my friend and her kidlets.  It was really nice :)  The kids love that place.


This was supposed to be our big academic day of the week, but the girls were swept away to the mall with Grandma and Aunt Kinsey.  :)  How could I say "no" to quality bonding time with Grandma and Kinsey, when they'd been away for months and months??  I couldn't.  So, I spent the day doing school work (History museum, lunch with Bud, etc).  Lunch with Bud is school work??  It was that day!  :)  It was so nice to go on a date without kids!  It had been a very long time.

The girls have been spending 3 evenings per week practicing for their 4-H Share the Fun skit.  They're having a blast!

That was our week!  It was really nice (but too full!).  Find out what other homeschoolers did this week, here.

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