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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Apple Orchards, Hay Rides, and the Renaissance Festival

Only one week into Autumn, and we're enjoying it to its fullest! We had a fabulous week full of friends, family, cider, and crisp air.  Here's what we did:


Today was co-op day.  Millie had class as usual.  While she was away, Elise and I spent some time at home, cooking.  I love Mondays!  It's an easy breezy day for us.  I usually don't have much going on with my school, so we're able to take it easy into the evening.  We watched Egypt, a documentary.  Good stuff.


Apple orchard day!  We had school in the morning, and then met friends out at Aamodts Apple Farm.  The kids played, picked apples, went on a hay ride, ate apple treats, and had so much fun!  It's one of my favorite traditions :)  I feel really lucky to have such a great group of homeschool mommy friends, with such great kids!!  Before the orchard, we had a little swim.  We're attempting (but not succeeding very well) to exercise every morning.


Remember "Wonderful Wednesday"?  Today was no less wonderful than last Wednesday!  We did regular school in the morning, and wrapped up the afternoon with science and history.  For history, we learned all about Egypt.  I did some reading out of our A Little History of the World book, painted Egyptian murals, watched a few segments from Horrible Histories, and ended with playing with Lift the Lid on Mummies.  So much fun!!!  After that, we dug into science.  We read all about stars and did a little marker/water blending notebooking,


Today is Governess day!  I did school with the girls in the morning.  I had class in the afternoon, so Millie acted as governess, and went through a few lessons with Elise.  I love that we do this.  Millie has gained so much independence, it's really fun to witness :)  I still haven't gone through the details of our "governess plan" with you ;)  I'll try to get something together in a week or less.


Huzzah!  No school today!  We took a trip to the Renaissance Festival.  It was homeschool day, and we managed to run into SO MANY friends.

In the evening, we had our October 4-H meeting and hay ride.  It was SO MUCH fun!  I was in charge of the Cloverbud activity.  We made glow in the dark bugs (plastic Easter eggs, decorations, and flameless tealight candles).  It was a hit!  They had a bonfire, s'mores, and lots of running around with friends.  We love 4-H so much.

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