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Monday, September 28, 2015

When We Get the Gift of Time...Twice.

After two weeks of being really stressed out, and trying really (really!) hard to keep things together, I finally received the gift of time :)  We had two cancellations, which left me with time to catch up on things around here and even have a little fun!

Here's what we did this week:


Millie had co-op.  I really love it!  She's really expanding her horizons, and doing some really great creative writing.  I guess having a little positive peer pressure is a good thing!  While she was at co-op, Elise had her first Jr. First Lego League meeting.  It was so fun!  We met at a playground, where the kids got to know each other, read It Stinks, picked a club name (The Lego Reusers), did a recycling sorting project, and selected a piece of garbage that we're going to focus on this year.  It was really fun!  Afterwards we came home and vegged out for the rest of the day.


We had a nice slow morning.  Our afternoon playgroup was cancelled because most of the group was busy.  This was our first gift of time.  I spent the afternoon catching up on things, doing homework, and taking a break from my super hectic life.  It was sad for the kids, but fantastic for me!


Wonderful Wednesday is what we're calling Wednesdays from now on.  This is the day where we spend the entire afternoon doing super fun subjects; science, history, and sewing.  We started out by reading about early people, and the art and inventions that they made.  A little pre-history, per-say  ;)  After our lesson, we did some art from Artistic Pursuits.  The girls did some cave paintings with crumpled up packing paper and oil pastels.  The picked colors that would be similar to what the early people would have been able to make from items found in nature.  After that we learned about galaxies. We read, the girls journaled, and then we did a super fun project, galaxy tee shirts!  It was fantastic.  It led to a lot of design exploration by Millie.  She repurposed quite a few of our tee shirts.  So much fun!!  After that we read the intro to our sewing course (Nest of Lydia).  We love Wednesdays!!


In the morning we did all of our general work.  In the afternoon I had class.  We took a field trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Art and saw some really amazing antiquities.  After I was done with my class tour, wrote an essay, and did a little in-museum assignment, I had a half hour to kill before taking the big yellow bus back to school.  I used my half hour to get a chai tea and sit and relax.  It was really great.  While I was gone, the girls did the work I set out for them, and then binge watched The Munsters.


Our other gift of time happened today, when the person who was going to teach our fishing clinic cancelled.  We were all so bummed :(  We used our afternoon to go to the mall and do a little retail therapy.

It was a great week to re-establish our routine and get in the groove.

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