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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Brownies, Ballet Tuesday, and SciGirls Light bulb Challenge

Welp, my kids are officially sick of learning about astronomy.  They're ready to move on.  They'd like to learn more about animals, but next on our agenda is more earth science.  What is a mama to do?  Go with my plan, or let them lead with their interests??  I know the answer to that, but it's really hard for me to veer off my plan...

We had a nice week. It started out busy, but ended really lazy and nice.  I love having a few at-home days.  They seem to be becoming fewer and farther between.

Here's what we did this week:


Piano was cancelled today, so I got to sleep in a bit!  It was fabulous.  Millie had her co-op classes, and Elise and I had nothing planned.  It was fantastic!  We came home, made brownies, and hung out until we had to get Millie.  After class, we powered through a few Harmony Ed worksheets so I could submit my receipts for reimbursement.  We made some good progress!  I'm ready for the "mandatory worksheet" period of our life to be over.  Oh well, I'm just happy to be getting $ back from our purchases this year!


Today was Millie's first book club meeting!  This is one of our new Tuesday plans that will be happening since playgroup has been cancelled.  Lucky for her, almost everyone from playgroup is in book club!  They read the book Holes, which Millie liked, but does NOT want to watch the movie.  While she was at book club, I had the pleasure of taking Elise and her BFF to Ballet Tuesday at the Landmark Center.  We had a picnic lunch, watched the ballerinas, and made a lot of random stops around Downtown, looking at "things."  They say the journey is half the fun, right?  That was definitely the case today!  It was super fun, and super adorable.


S-C-I-G-I-R-L-S, we neeeed you!  Today was a SciGirls day!  The girls learned about reducing, reusing, & recycling, conducted an experiment to test the energy output from compact fluorescent light bulbs vs. incandescent light bulbs, and had an artist for Art Scraps come in to make jewelry/sculptures out of recycled objects.  The kids came up with some really creative designs!  Elise spent the day with grandma.  They went to Target, had Chinese food for lunch, and had school.  School at Grandmas?  Yep, Elise said they read out of the "Everything Your 3rd Grader Needs to Know" book.  Fun!

Fractions: The Aftermath

A much needed day at home!  I decided to take the day off (my) school,  The girls and I spent the day doing some history (we learned more about Greece) in addition to regular school work.  This is the day I found out that the kids are sick of astronomy.  ;)


Another lazy stay at home day!  It was fantastic.  We did school work, and in the evening I dropped Millie off at a friends house for a sleep over.

It was a nice low key week!  Find out what other homeschoolers were up to, here.

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