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Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Beginning of Second Semester

It's been a great week.  I mean, a really great week.  

First of all, we moved.  It's a temporary move, just for the winter.  We're house sitting for the inlaws again.  What did this big move do for us?  Well, now my kids leave the house at 3, and don't return again until dinner.  They've been very busy sledding, building forts, making snow sculptures, and having lots of fun with the neighborhood kids.  It's fantastic for so many reasons.  One of the reasons it's so fantastic, is that I get to use my free time to use the treadmill and read :)  It's also great, because the girls started a shoveling business, and now have a way to earn extra money while we're here, since the dog walking business is on hold until we return to the condo.

Speaking of reading, my new years resolution is to read 33 books this year.  So far I've read 2 (Pollyanna and The Little Prince).  I'm now reading Pioneer Girl,  

This week was unique in that we didn't leave the house at all until Friday!  We worked hard at studies every day until 3.  We had Field Trip Friday on Friday, and went to a skating rink for a couple hours of ice skating with friends.  So much fun!!

Millie's studying 1940's fashion

Millie said, "I wish every week was like this!"  Me too, me too.  Next week is going to be the opposite of this week, in that we are going to be out and about almost every single day!!

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