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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015: The Year We Took December Off

I declared December to be a "no school month."  I twas fantastic!!  I had finals, we had Christmas to prepare for, and it seemed that a lot of other "things" were coming to a head in December, so I decided to give myself (and everyone else) a break.

The one condition?  No electronics.  No tablets.  No computers.  No TV.  As the month comes to a close, I'm getting a little lazy about enforcing this rule (my girls are watching Barbie: Life in the Dream House as I type).  Having electronics off for the month has been great.  The girls have been playing more together, doing more art, and getting creative.

Of course, even though we had "no school month,"  learning didn't come to an end.  We had a few art lessons, took a few classes through Field Trip Friday and SciGirls, and had a few meet ups with friends.

Here's what we did this month:

Meet the Masters:  Renoir

A tour of the Christmas decorations at the Ramsey House

Gingerbread House fun at 4-H

Elva Kaffe:  Elise was a Norwegian dancer

Decorating the tree!

A Day in the Life of an Elf display at Macys

SciGirls: Make up (frost bite.  Brrr!)

Hour of Code

Cookie making workshop at 4-H

Decorating cookies at 4-H

Making her first stop action animation movie.  So cool!!

Meet the Masters: Warhol

Annual bell ringing

Norwegian folklore and tomte making class

Photo bombing my pretty table setting

My little elves on Christmas morning!

A product of Millie's cooking class

Art lessons through Createful Christmas

The only cookies we made (at home) this year!

Daddy/daughter bliss!
Only two more days 'til 2016!  I love the time between Christmas and New Years.  It is perfect for business planning, life planning, and school planning.  I'm sure New Years Eve will find me with a bottle of wine, Dick Clark, my laptop, a notebook, and a sharp pencil.  I sure know how to party!

See you in 2016!!

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