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Friday, January 27, 2012

How This Mom Pulls Herself Out Of A Slump

The trouble with being a homeschool mom is that I'm with my kids all.the.time.  Don't get me wrong, I adore being with them most days, and wouldn't trade our homeschool lifestyle for anything, but c'mon.  Even this mom gets into a slump.  Thursday was one of those "slump" days.  We did our core material (spelling, math, and grammar), but that's all I could muster up the energy to do.  The rest of the day was spend napping and being annoyed.  Soooo, this is what we did on Friday so I could snap out of it:

At 9:30 I had to pull the girls out of the top bunk.  They were busy reading about baby animals.

Our first stop was Rice Park (This was an impromptu stop.  We walked by on our way to the library, and we couldn't resist).  The girls got to see how the ice carvers work their magic.  It was so cool!


After that we went to the library to get some books.  Most of the books we checked out are about Antarctica and raptors.  Elise is hugging a Mama Mirabelle movie while Millie checks out.

The girls were getting hungry, so we stopped by the Science Museum of Minnesota.  We went to the collectors corner where Millie used some of her points to get a sand dollar and shark tooth, had "lunch with the dinosaurs", and watched a performance called How Animals Walk.  Millie got to go up in front and demonstrate how to walk like a gorilla.  We ran into cousins Ben and Patrick on our way out.

Then, we went to the Wells Fargo Winter Skate where we met up with friends and skated the afternoon away.  Elise was super excited when the Winter Carnival princesses showed up!  The princesses were so nice, and skated with Millie and her friends!  They had a blast. 

 Of course, we were super cold and wet, and had to swing by Dunn Bros on our way home. 

When we got home, we had 10 minutes to "relax" before heading out to piano lessons. 

Phew.  I'm officially out of my slump now!  What a fun day!  Tonight Millie will go back to the piano school for a piano recital dress rehearsal and pizza party.  I hope she makes it though intact, she's exhausted!

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  1. That sounds like a fantastic day. I agree, it's hard being home and "on" all the time. It's nice to just get out and enjoy each other. Hopefully you can get out for some "you" time too every once in a while.