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Monday, July 16, 2012

Our Summer In Pictures - Week 8

This was a big week, as Millie turned EIGHT!  Eight years ago I was on a much desired 6 week maternity break from work, and spending time cuddling with my sweet, fuzzy, dimpled, little monkey girl.  Fast forward  eight years...

This was week 3 of tennis lessons.  Millie loves tennis!

For her birthday dinner, Millie requested Osaka.  Everyone loved the food and really loved the "show".  Millie and Bud both caught flying food in their mouths :)  Turns out, they like raw zucchini.  Who knew?

Millie was away at 4-H day camp on Tues-Thurs, so Elise and I had some fun bonding time.  We went rollerblading on Tuesday.

Ben and Patrick came to play on Thursday.  We cooled off in the fountains at Upper Landing.

Bud went out of town for the weekend, so the girls and I had "girls night".  They watched movies...

"roasted" marshmallows on the construction paper camp fire...

and built a tent.  They stayed up as late as they wanted to, and slept in the living room.  Good times!

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