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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Plays, Protein, and Princesses

Holy moly, I just noticed that I haven't posted a new blog entry in over a month!

Well, last week was a classically perfect week here at Two Cowgirls Homeschool :)

Over the weekend, Millie participated in a 1 act play through 4-H, and ended up getting 1st play with her group, and a special award recognizing her as an outstanding performer.  We're so proud of her!  She had a lot of fun, learned a lot about keeping her front facing the audience, projecting her voice, and enunciating her words.  It was a great experience!

Monday was yet another cold day in which we didn't attend play group :(  It's officially March now, and I'm fulling expecting it to come in like a lion, and out like a lamb. It'd be nice to see this record breaking cold winter come to an end! Hopefully our play group will be on track now.  Fingers crossed!  Instead, we stayed home.  Millie got a phone call from her dog walking poster downstairs, and accepted a 2 week dog walking gig!  It started that very day, so we got out and took the pup around the block.  Now Millie is going full speed ahead toward her goal of saving up for a hamster, and is also super motivated to earn a business badge in Girl Scouts :)

Tuesday Elise had Doodlebugs.  While she was having fun with kids her age, Millie had fun with friends outside and in the nature center.

Wednesday the girls attended their first princess book club!  They read a book about Anastasia Romanov a couple weeks ago, and this was the club that went along with the book.  It started at the Russian Museum of Art in Minneapolis.  They have two levels dedicated to artifacts from the Romanov's.  It was absolutely amazing.  I could have stayed for hours and read everything.  Perhaps i'll go back on my own ;)  After that, we went to a library where the girls discussed the book, and then decorated their own eggs!

Half of the Anastasia Romanov book club girls.

Thursday and Friday we stayed home for some much needed book work.  We finished up our 1920's unit study, and learned about protein, starch, and fat.  We did a few experiments to determine if certain foods had those elements in them.  It was really interesting.

We're ready for another fun week!

Since I didn't post for a month, here are a few pictures from February:

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