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Monday, April 14, 2014

Holy Cow, It's Been A Month...Again!

I'm certainly not going to get any ribbons for my blog maintenance, am I?!  It's been a month since I blogged...again!

This has been a big week for me.

  • I went to my first homeschool convention.  It was fabulous!  I'm a different homeschool mom, for sure.
  • I discovered Life of Fred, and I'm positive that it's going to change Millie's disdain for math.
  • Millie passed up dessert to read a book (jaw drop!)
Here's what we've been up to for the past month:

The girls made flapper dolls at the MN History Museum for 1920's day

Elise is a notorious gangster!

Practicing the Charleston 

Just hangin' out at the speakeasy 

Calculating their carbon footprint at Girl Scouts

Painting Daisys

One of the last hot chocolate mornings of the year

Honey, I shrunk the kid!

Their first Girl Scout cookie booth was a success!

Fabulous essential oil class

Busy making hand sanitizer out of essential oils

Mom and Dad had a few nights out while the girls were at play practice :)
Lucky us!!

Ukrainian egg workshop through 4-H.  

She made a hedgehog!

A little too early for playgrounds?  The water was about a
foot deep.  Memorable, for sure!

Elise designed the horse on the left.  Grandma 'Rira
helped sew it.

4-H solar car workshop.  Millie's was pretty fast!

Peer pressure is good!  She would have never climbed this high
without the encouragement from her friends!

A day at the zoo

Playing at the beach!  Just ignore the coats, snow, and ice.

Painting paper mache mushroom logs

Making an oyster mushroom garden.  Ummm...

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