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Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Final Days of Summer, 2015

Well, here we have it!  Summer is coming to a close.  It went by SO FAST this year.  Millie said she's really going to miss it because she loves having long lazy days of just playing and having fun.  I'm glad/relieved/shocked that she feels that way, because I didn't feel "lazy" at all!

Here are some pictures from the last half of summer.  You can see the first half, here.

Washington County Fair

Lots of beach time

Searching for milkweed

When we see this guy, we have to buy ice cream!

Playing in the Mississippi

Monarchs, monarchs, and more monarchs

Finally paid a visit to Wild Rumpus Bookstore

Her first trip to the Clinique counter.  You know, Middle school...

Fun times at the farm

Historic Forestville

Day trip to Duluth
There we have it!  School will be in session in 3 days.  Weeeee!

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