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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

While Millie's Away, A Week In The Life Of Elise - Tuesday

This is a week long series detailing a typical week during Elise's life, while Millie is at school.


I work on Tuesdays, so Grandma Susie comes over to watch Elise.  If the weather is nice, they'll usually go on an outing to the Childrens Museum or Macys.

Today the weather was nice, so Susie took her out to lunch at The River Room at Macys.  Elise ate her usual, Mac and Cheese (or Macky Cheese, as Elise calls it).  She was very tired, so they came home right away, and Elise took a nice long nap. 

Elise seems to be potty training herself!  Today she had two potty-successes.  Hooray!

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