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Friday, May 20, 2011

While Millie's Away, A Week In The Life Of Elise - Thursday & Friday

Ooops, I'm falling behind here!  This is a week long series detailing Elise's life while Millie is at school:


I work on Thursdays, and Elise goes to her babysitter Kelly's house.  Kelly has two boys (2 and newborn), who Elise asks about daily.  The great part about going to Kelly's house is that she gets some backyard time, which is something she doesn't get 15 stories up in our condo!

This week, the weather was gorgeous so they ate lunch outside, had a nap, and played outside again.  Elise stayed dry the entire time she was there.  She's a potty training pro!  (Now, if we could just get her to go #2 on the potty, we'd be in business)


Friday is normally just a play day.  We might go for a walk, run errands, do house work, etc.  Today we had a garage sale at Kims house!  It was pretty cold in the morning, and Elise was so cozy on my lap that she fell asleep.  I can't remember the last time that happened!!  So sweet.  When it warmed up, we sat outside in the sun.  In case you're wondering, I made a whopping $7 (after paying for lunch) from the sale.   Soooo worth it!  Here are Elise and Patrick hamming it up:

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