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Saturday, July 2, 2011

4-H 2011: Fashion Revue

Millie got to participate in the 4-H fashion review!  It's the first of many, I'm sure.  I made her shirt (shhh, don't tell, but it was supposed to be a dress.  Somehow I screwed up the measurements and ended up with a shirt.  It's still cute though, right?).  Millie made the purse herself.  It's pretty rough around the top, but she sewed around the edges by hand, using nice small stitches.  She added the ribbon strap and button herself, too!  I love that she's taking an interest in sewing!

Once she completes 3rd grade, she'll be able to compete for prizes with the big kids.  There are some seriously talented ladies in Washington County 4-H!  The big girls were judged on a purchased outfit, and an outfit they sewed themselves.  I can't wait to teach Millie to sew this fall/winter!

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