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Saturday, July 2, 2011

What We Did On July 1st, 2011

The temperature was close to 95 degrees, with a heat index of 109.  I didn't find that out until I got home.  :)
The girls and I decided to go for an outing, including a walk to Upper Landing and a picnic on the Science Museum grounds. 
By the time we got to the fountain, we were sooooo hot and sweaty.  The water felt so good!  Here are the girls playing.  They look hot even when they're wet!
Afterwards, we walked up to the Science Museum grounds, but after realizing that there was no shade, we kept on truckin' and ended up in Irvine Park, one of my favorite parks in St. Paul.  The fountain is gorgeous!  Elise decided to ham it up for me in front of the camera :)  He he he, I love her!!

There were plenty of shady spots to have our picnic!  For lunch we had sandwiches (3 different kinds for 3 different ladies), strawberries, cheese-its (yes, we incorporated spelling into our hot summer picnic), and cookies.  Notice that we're still wet from the fountain?  It was so humid, we didn't dry off. 

After our picnic, we made the long journey home.  When we got there, we were hot, sweaty, and itchy.  The girls took a nice cool oatmeal bath (which Elise calls a "banana bath") complete with ice cubes, then topped off our super hot adventure with Popsicles on the balcony. 
We took it easy for the rest of the day until Bud got home.  The evening consisted of dinner, super strong winds that blew over construction signs, a trip out to buy fireworks, getting stuck at Perkins while we waited out the storm, and listening to Elise chat non-stop for 45 minutes until we got back home at 10:30.  Yes, TEN THIRTY! 

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