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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Outdoor Hour #1 - Evidence of Rabbits

It has been my intention to incorporate nature study into our homeschool since the beginning.  Millie in particular is a nature girl, and could spend day and night exploring the outdoors.  Elise doesn't enjoy it as much, but I still think it's important for her to get out there and learn to enjoy it ;) 

Since we live in a condo in Downtown, every bit of nature exposure must be intentional, as I can't just say "go play in the yard, kids."  I also realize that all of our nature is fabricated nature.  Even the creek that we play in is man-made.  We make the best of what we have nearby, and in the future we'll have lessons at the farm, by the Mississippi, at state parks, etc.

For our first Outdoor Hour, we went in search of evidence of rabbits!  We didn't have to walk far before finding lots of clues. 

The girls searching for evidence                          Rabbit poop!  That's a sure sign.

Millie is sure this was a rabbit print                     Rabbit hole?
that melted.     

It looks like a rabbit has been chewing on this tree.

My two favorite websites for nature study are Charlotte Mason In The City 
and Handbook Of Nature Study.  Check them out!

What are your favorite resources for nature study?


  1. This is a great first OHC. It must have been exciting to see all those signs of rabbits! Great job finding places even in the city to get outdoors. I look forward to seeing your next entry.

  2. Hey! Reading from TCCH group. I'm loving reading your posts! We love nature here in the sauer household and we are very fortunate to have an abundance of it in our backyard. We love nature centers. I see you are a one car family, but perhaps on the weekends you could head to Tamarack Nature Center in WBL, the paths are wonderful and we always find fun things to see and climb on. They also have a really great natural playground for the kids, it's open in the winter too, although it's more fun in the summer. It's a favorite p,ace to explore and run off some energy! Good luck.

  3. I love looking for footprints in the snow, so fun.