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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Week In The Life Of...Wednesday

Wednesday is normally my day to go to the office, while the girls stay home with Grandma Susie.  I use the words "stay home" lightly, because Grandma often takes them out for a day of fun.  Last quarter she took the girls to ice skating lessons every Wednesday.  They also like to go to the Children's Museum.  Today Susie wasn't feeling well, so she just stayed long enough for me to go to the dentist and come back. 

So what do we do on an unexpected day at home together?  Make up work, of course!  Millie did xtramath.com to practice her math facts, and we had read-a-palooza (we tried having read-a-palooza last night, but I fell asleep mid-story.  Oops!).  We're reading Antarctic Journal, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and The Story of the Olympics.

Today is a very challenging day, as I have a lot to do (get my hair cut, do some computer work for work, shop for Christmas gifts (my friends and I are having our Christmas party this weekend in Duluth), balance my checkbook, pay bills, go to Target, go to the Grocery store, and renew my very expired drivers license (it expired in November, and no one noticed  - not even me - until a few days ago when I was at the liquor store)).  The challenge is that Bud had the car.  Being a 1 car household is really starting to take its toll on me.  I think we'll have to crack and buy a new car soon...

Since I can't do my errands, I think I'll take a nap.  Zzzzzzz.

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