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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Two Cowgirls Preschool - Letter W

911 Rap

I know a number that is really hot.  
It's only for people in a hot, hot spot.
If you see a fire, if you see a crime,
The number is the same, every single time.
This very special number is never for fun.
This very special number is 911.

Guess what we learned about this week!  Yes, fire safety!  During circle time this week, we talked about what we'd do in the event of a fire in our condo, and read a few good books.  If I was a really great homeschool mom, I would have stopped by Michaels to buy card making supplies, and the girls would have made cards for the fire people at the station across the street, and we'd have dropped them off.  But, alas, I still haven't made my Michaels trip.  I really need to do that tomorrow...

Anywhooo, here's what we did this week in preschool:

Day 1:

We started out the day going for a nature walk, in search of colorful leaves for our craft.  It was so much fun!  The weather was perfect, so we took out the bikes and started towards Irvine Park.  We were side tracked by the amazing leaves in the Alexander Ramsey House yard.  The girls had a blast playing in the leaves (since we don't have a yard, playing in leaves is amazingly fun for them).  We spent at least an hour there.  When we got back, we started working on our Fall leaf sun catchers!

Day 2:
Elise worked on her writing.  She did a "W" worksheet, which she mastered at the time, but later on showed me that she doesn't actually know what a "W" is.  She is really resisting learning her letters and numbers!!  Even though we talk about them daily, she still isn't proficient. I know she'll learn eventually, but boy, it's frustrating for this mama!  She is, however, working on mastering her fancy lettering ;)  The picture on the right below is a sheep she drew by tracing 1 inch squares during math class.  Creative kid!

Of course, I want to give credit to the blogs/website that inspire me on my preschool journey:
Jan Brett Printables (they're so pretty!) 

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