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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Two Cowgirls Preschool - Letter X

What?  No weekly song?  Nope!  This week we worked on spelling her name to the tune of B-I-N-G-O, in an attempt to teach Elise how to spell her name.  I think we're making progress!

Our theme for the week was pumpkins!  Of course, this time of year I start to obsess about them, and fill my house with everything pumpkin.  So, this is what we did this week:

Day 1:  We read How Do You Know It's Fall? and baked the BEST pumpkin cake ever!  She also worked on her letter X worksheet .

Day 2:  Today Elise practiced writing her name, and also worked on the oral spelling of her name a lot.  I think we sang E-L-I-S-E too many times, as she started rolling her eyes when I sang it (did you know 4 year olds could do that?!).  Anywhooo, we opened up a mini pumpkin, and were surprised at the number of seeds inside!  We put the seeds in a baggie with a wet towel and hung it on the window.  Elise will make observations and watch the roots grow over the next few weeks.  It's cool because Millie has been observing roots in her science class.  It kind of tied the two together.  

Outings this week:  Monday she tagged along to Millie's outdoor water quality class.  She had a great time spooning organisms from a bucket to a petri dish, and looking at all the squiggling creatures.  It was a bit of a hike to get to the pond (according to Elise standards), and she was a real trooper.  She tagged along to another field trip, at which she was not amused.  It was a long hike uphill, and she was tired and bored.  Nothing worth mentioning here ;)

On a side note, if you're getting the impression that Elise lives in her nightgown, you're right ;)  LOL.  If we're home, she's usually wearing her nightgown or just a top or just her bottoms.  Oy.  That's a battle I'm not going to choose.

If you're interested in seeing what other homeschoolers were up to this week, check out this link.

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