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Monday, June 2, 2014

A Free Range Summer

The problem with living in a condo in Downtown St. Paul, is that every single outing has to be intentional.  If they kids want to play outdoors, I have to come with them, sit with them, monitor them, and essentially stifle their childhood urges to run, play, and explore independently.

It's not that I don't want to spend time with my kids, I just feel that they should have the opportunity to have lazy summer days to play with friends, start a pick up game of kickball, build castles out of logs, run and play with other kids, and do things that "regular" kids get to do in the summer (without mom looking over their shoulders at all times).

This year, we're going to do something a bit different.

It's called our Free Range Summer.  

Since moving isn't an option right now,  a backyard isn't going "come to us." Instead, we're going to "come to the backyard"!  We're going to spend time in a designated neighborhood as often as possible.  I'll stay out of their way, and they'll run around and have the childhood I had hoped for them.

While they're doing that, I'll read, work on my lesson plans, jog, and soak up the sun.

I can't wait!

Side note:  I stumbled upon this article this morning on Facebook.  It's fabulously written, and expresses exactly what I feel about the "Free Range Summer."  All parents should read it!

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