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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Final Days of June

It's hard to believe that summer is 1/3 over!  Oh my goodness!

It's been so fun and relaxing so far.  Here's what we've been up to:

Train ride!  It was a double decker, and we rode on top!

Bud took the girls to Lowe's Build and Grow to make dragons.  Elise takes hers everywhere.

Working on their fairy island.  An ever changing project!

This means the girl is having fun!

Aunt Leslie's Daycamp.  We went to Fort Snelling state park.

A rainy day can't ruin their summer fun!

Taking a break from the Back to the 50's car show to enter a coloring contest

She's on a boat!

She's not on a boat

Taking the bus to her first sleep away camp!

Elise got her cousins all to herself while Millie was at camp.

Training wheels...but only for a couple more days.  

Craft camp at Michaels.  Not a good experience.  

Back from camp!  The girl hasn't stopped talking about camp yet!

Fun at the library

They made fairy gardens while I was sleeping.  

Millie's gone AGAIN.  Elise invited this one over for dinner.

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