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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Bucket List - 2014

The summer is just beginning!  It's going to be a great one.  Here's what we came up with as a family, to put on our official "Bucket List" for Summer 2014:

o   Dance with Bud at 9 nights of music
o   Go to Craguns
o   Catch fireflies at the farm
o   Play in Grandma Suzie’s neighborhood
o   Make cookies
o   Have a lemonade stand
o   Sleep in the tent
o   Lay on the beach
o   Play in the woods
o   Have a picnic dinner
o   Get and play with fireworks
o   Canoe at Taylors Falls
o   Go on a kayaking date
o   Cocktails on a patio with friends
o   Go on a hike
o   Do a ranger program at two state parks
o   Go geocaching 
o   Make crafts
o   Go to the state fair
o   Start an herb garden
o   Go to gooseberry falls
o   Climb rocks at Taylors Falls
o   Go on a family bike ride
o   Spend the day at Oliver Kelly Farm
o   Boat tour in Duluth
o   Play in the creek at Mears Park
o   Go to the Black Dog playground
o   Walk at the quaking bog
o   Paper trail game
o   Cartwheels in the grass
o   Go to the Eagle Center in Wabasha
o   Read outside
o   Go to a parade
o   Get ice cream in Marine in St. Croix
o   Go star gazing

I'll check in mid-way through the summer to make sure we're staying on track.  It all seems pretty doable!  

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