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Friday, October 17, 2014

Journey As A Juliette: A Junior and a Daisy!

Girl Scouts!  We finally found our "niche" in the community.  It's no surprise that, with my "if you want it done right, do it yourself" attitude, that continuing their Girl Scout journey as Juliettes is a natural fit.  It's not that we don't like being part of groups, it's just that we can't find one that fits us.

So Juliettes, it is!  What's a Juliette?  A Juliette is a Girl Scout that goes on her Girl Scout adventure, independently.

But, that sounds so lonely!!  Why would they ever want to do that??  It's not going to be lonely, I promise!  They'll work together on projects, even though they're on different levels.  They're best-sisters, and love working together.  They'll also take classes independently of each other, and will meet up with other girls in their grade level (for example Millie will be taking a Bronze Award Adventure, Be A Friend First, Agent of Change camp sleepover, and  Elise will be taking a Three Cheers For Animals class, Be A Sister To Every Girl Scout, Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden class, etc.)  There will also be events with our new service unit (which we haven't met yet).

Here's what we did for our first meeting...ever:

We watched this video about Juliette Gordon Low

We practiced the Girl Scout Law and Promise

We learned a new Girl Scout song.

We made a fun spooooooooky craft:

Elise the Daisy worked on her next pedal , Tula (courageous and strong).  We read the story of Tula, and watched a video about the courageous and strong Molly Lou Melon.

Her job for this month is do demonstrate that she can do something courageous and strong.  When she does, I'll iron the petal on her vest!

Millie the Junior and I talked about her aMuse journey, and came up with a plan of attack for the year, including how she's going to accomplish her journey, do a project significant enough to earn a Bronze award, earn the Junior Aide badge, and chose which badges she wants to earn.

That sums up our first meeting!  I'd call it a success!

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