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Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Week

It's been a fun week gearing up for Halloween! Here's what we did:


A fabulous stay-at-home day!  We did our normal 3 R's in the morning, and then spend the afternoon working on our NaNoWriMo prep workbooks.  Millie and I are getting ready to start writing our novels next Monday.  She's writing a Where The Red Fern Grows fan fiction, and I'm writing a teenage thriller.


The girls did their 3 R's in the morning, and had play group in the afternoon.  The girls live for Tuesdays when they can get together with their friends!  Afterwards we headed straight to Millie's piano lesson.  Sh'es making great progress!  I'd like to cancel lessons due to our schools recent "budget cuts," but I just can't do it.  It would be a travesty to cancel lessons when she's plowing ahead at such a nice pace.


Today was a special day!  We got up bright and early, hopped on a train, and headed into Minneapolis for the Orchestra Hall Halloween Spooktacular.  It was sooo amazing!  The music was amazing, the puppetry was amazing, everything about it was fabulous.  On our walk back to the train afterwards, we walked by so many great restaurants that were trying to lure us in with their delicious smells.  Next time we take the train in to Minneapolis, it'll be  go to the Macys Christmas display, and we'll stay for lunch :)


Today the girls did their 3 R's in the morning, as usual.  In the afternoon, we went to Dodge Nature Center.  I've been meaning to go there for a loooong time (it was my dream to send my girls to preschool there, but was was way too expensive).  The girls attended a forestry class there, where they learned to identify trees using a key, used a tool to determine how tall trees are, and how much lumber is in them.  I think their ultimate goal was to determine how much toilet paper each tree would produce?  We also learned thay chewing on Willow branches cures headaches!  Either it worked, or my headache disappearing was all in my head ;)  It was a really great class.  Elise made a new friend, too, which is always a plus.


I told the kids not to wake me up, and they were such good listeners, that I slept until 10:45!  Oops.  When they woke up, we got brunch at Panera, ran some last minute Halloween errands, and then came home to do a bit of school.  By the time they were all done, it was time to go to Grandma Suzies for an evening of Halloween fun!  We had dinner, then met up with the neighborhood kids for a night of trick or treating.  Elise didn't make it very far, but Millie stayed out for a long time.  When we got home, she was so tired, she didn't even have time to sort through her candy before going to bed.

It's been a great week!  Find out what other homeschoolers were up to this week, here.

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