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Friday, October 10, 2014

Mixed Media Art & SciGirls

FUN!  That's the word I use to describe this week.  It was busy.  I suppose I can stop saying "it was busy" and "we had such a busy week" now.  It's safe to assume that EVERY week is going to be busy.  The great part about our busy weeks now vs. our busy weeks last year, is that we have two cars.  I don't have to combine my busy calendar with Bud's busy calendar.  It's a big relief.

Here's what we did this week:


We ventured out to Lake Maria State Park with friends  The older girls were supposed to work on their "Hardwoods Biome" book, but they ended up just walking and exploring in the woods.  It felt SO GREAT to wander through the woods!  We left the park fairly early, so my girls were able to get their work done when we got home.


The girls got busy with their school work bright and early, and finished up with time to spare before leaving for playgroup.  They played outdoors with friends for a few hours.  The weather this whole week is nice, so we're trying to enjoy every last bit of it before it gets cold!  We went straight from there to piano lessons.  Millie is working on memorizing a piece that she'll probably play in her recital in January.  When we got home, I came with Millie as she walked the neighbors dog.  My mother in law and I had a parenting series to go to in the evening, so I dropped the girls off with Grandpa (for a fun night of crafts!), while we went.  It was very interesting!  I loved it.  I didn't get Millie until after 9:30, and I left Elise at Grandma and Grandpas.  This was the first time Elise has been away from me without the protective care of her loving sister.  :(  I missed her so much!


Millie and I woke up bright and early to get to SciGirls!  The girls made stethoscopes, had a visit from some students from the U of M, and had a great time.  This class was so much smoother than last months class.  Everything was perfect.  Grandma took Elise to swimming while we were at SciGirls, and then they spent the rest of the day test driving cars.  :)  In the evening, Millie had her first jazz class.  They worked on making a Thriller video commercial (for the dance studios Facebook page, I think?).  I finally got to see little Elise around 6:30 PM.


Our first stay at home day all week!  Did we stay home?  Noooooo!  We got all the school work done in the morning (Elise had a math test, worked on reading, listened to Bread and Jam For Francis, and did some copy work.  Millie had a math test, did typing, math drills, piano, and ohmygoodness!  I just realized we forgot to do English!  I'm sure that made her day.  Ha ha).  Bud came home for lunch, so we had him drop us and our GIANT bag of books off at the library.  The girls spent time there picking out books, looking at the fish, and playing witches.  We walked home, which was so nice because the weather was absolutely beautiful.  At home, we started art.  We talked about horizontal and vertical lines, and then made mixed media city-scapes using lines, pastels, and magazine clippings.  We were inspired by a picture I found on Pinterest.  Here's our beautiful art:


Geography day!  This is where geography starts getting really fun!!  We're using Wee Folk Art for our spine when we learn about the USA.  Today we read Abbie Against the Storm, colored the coloring pages for Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, browsed through travel brochures, did some mixed media sailboat art using travel brochures and water colors, and best of all, made blueberry muffins.  THIS is how to learn geography!

That sums up our week!  Find out what other homeschoolers are up to, by clicking here.

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  1. You all had a fantastic week. We don't get out as much with the exception of our daily zip to sports related activities during the week. But it sounds like a good idea to do that once in awhile.