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Friday, November 7, 2014

"The 3 R's" What Does It Mean?

I mention our 3 R's a lot in my weekly updates.  It's an easy, short way for saying "typing, piano, math, spelling, and reading."

Here's a look at what we do most days before lunch:

Millie - 5th Grade:

Typing - www.TypingWeb.com.  It's a great program, and it's free.

Math Drills - She uses www.Xtramath.org.  She's still working on her subtraction facts.  Once she gets 90% accuracy, she'll move on to her multiplication facts.  She's currently at 85%.

Piano - a variety of books, and meeting with a teacher once per week.

Math - Life of Fred

Spelling - She gets a list each week, based on words she USED that she spelled incorrectly.  We don't do tests.  She just has to print and write each word, and do a project using her spelling words each week.  It can be as simple as spelling out the words using stickers, to making a commercial using all the words in a script, and video taping it.

Reading - She has a list of books that she's reading throughout the year.  Right now she's focusing on NaNoWriMo, so I haven't assigned a book to her.  She's reading The Call Of The Wild because she wants to.  It's the "Classic Starts" version, which I wouldn't have assigned to her.  I purchased it before I read A Thomas Jefferson Education (a game changer, for sure!).

English - She's using Bob Jones English.  I love it!  Right now she's learning about plays, and writing her own "play" version of an Aesop Fable (The Horse and the Stag).

Elise - 1st Grade:

Math - Saxon 1.  Right now she's working on her "doubles facts," graphing, writing her numbers, and using a scale.  She loooooooves it.

Reading - She's plugging away at All About Reading.  She's averaging a lesson per week.

Literature - We read a story each week (unless I fall off the bandwagon, as I have the past two weeks), and do dictation or copy work, and a project based on the book.  Right now we're reading The Giving Tree and doing work based on that book (my favorite children's book off all time!).

So, those are our 3 R's.  We do these subjects in the morning, before lunch.  After lunch we dig into the "fun" subjects, like history, science, DIY, and personal exploration.  

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