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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Journey As A Juliette - Bronze Award Workshop And November Meeting

Bronze Award Adventure


November Meeting


I was waiting to see what would happen when one of my girls had to collaborate with other Girl Scouts, in a group, as a Juliette.  I found out at Millie's Bronze Award Adventure.

When we arrived (early as usual), there was one large troop seated around a table.  Millie sat down with them.  I head a girl whisper, "Is she in our troop?"  Oh dear.  My heart fluttered for my poor little lonely Juliette.  Within 15 minutes, the girls had welcomed Millie into their group.  By the end, a few of them had exchanged phone numbers.  

It was such a great experience!

Not only because the girls were all so kind, but because the ladies leading the workshop were so knowledgeable, great with the kids, and welcoming.  I'm so glad we went.  We both came home with a lot of information that we'll need to complete the Bronze Award (Millie, in deciding what to do for her project, and me, in guiding her with financials, turning in paperwork, and all that good stuff).

Doesn't it look like fun??

Here's what we did at our November meeting:

We started out by saying the Girl Scout promise.

The girls learned a new silly Girl Scout song:

Then, we did a really fun craft

Millie took a long time working on her deer, so while she did that, Elise watched "If I Made A Million" on Netflix.  It teaches kids all about money, interest, loans, etc.  Afterwards we did an activity where she practiced making cookie sales (adding up boxes, making change, etc).  Then, we talked about the cost of the activities she wants to participate in, in Girl Scouts, and tallied up how many cookies she needs to sell to reach her goal.  We need to get her 15 cases (30 for Millie!!).  I think they'll be doing a few cookie booths in order to reach their goals!  Elise earned two leaf badges for this today.  Hooray!

We read a chapter from her Daisy Welcome to the Flower Garden book, and she drew a picture of something she'd like to find buried in a garden (a treasure chest).

While she did that, Millie started working on her aMuse journey.

We talked about the roles she plays in her life (sister, daughter, hamster mom, grand daughter, artist, friend).  Then, the girls took turns acting out other roles that women play.  It was fun, and a bit silly ;)  

This was the first step to completing the "Try Out" portion of her journey.  Next month we'll finish this step.  It'll be really fun!!

That sums up our November meeting!  It took a little over an hour to get through all the activities.  

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  1. How wonderful!! Best wishes to Millie as she works on her Bronze Award!