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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Two Outings This Week? Perfect!

In a perfect homeschool week, here at Two Cowgirls Homeschool Academy, we'd have two outings.

It's very rare that we actually stick with our "two outing per week" rule.  The last time it happened was the last week of September.  Ha!

Here's what we did this week:


 It was a "hot cocoa in the morning" kind of day!  We had our first big snow fall of the year, so the girls got to celebrate with hot chocolate in the morning :)  They did their regular school (reading, math, English, piano, etc) in the morning.  After lunch we got started on day 1 of 5 of my new US geography plan.  They started with the Northeast region.  It was fun!  The girls really enjoyed making collages out of travel brochures.


School in the morning.  In the afternoon, plan A was thwarted by potentially bad roads from yesterdays snow storm.  We were going to go to our "once per month, super far away" play group, but ended up meeting with our regular Tuesday playgroup.  We went to Silverwood.  The moms sat inside, chit chatted, and drank coffee.  The kids went sledding and played in the snow.  It was great!!  Elise saw her old Doodle Buds teacher, who recognized her and remembered her name!  She was pretty excited.


SciGirls today!  Millie counts down the days until the next SciGirls meeting, she loves them so much! Today's class was a special non-science, etiquette event.  It was fabulous.  The group of 18 girls worked on their handshake, properly greeting a host(ess), table manners, etc.  Millie is ready to take another class with Ms. Miller! Elise had swimming lessons in the morning.  Grandma Suzie picked her up, and they spent the rest of the afternoon together, baking apple crisp.  Grandma sent us home with one.  It was so delicious!  Elise peeled and cut the apples herself :)


We stayed home today.  It was nice, since I've been so, so tired.  I slept until 10:30 AND took a nap.  Oy.  It must be the weather.  Millie had English and math tests, and did great on both.  Elise read and did her math.  She loves math, and requested that I let her do more math fact practice.  He he.  How could I say no to that??  The girls spent a LOT of time playing Legos, and Millie completed a couple challenges for DIY.


We were supposed to stay in all day, but ended up quickly finishing school, skipping geography, and going shopping at Target.  I guess we needed a day out after spending Thursday in ;)

This weekend bill find us going to Sunday school, a baby shower, and a farm visit!

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