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Friday, January 9, 2015

Here We Go Again!

We're back to school after a lovely Christmas break.  We've made one major change since we started our break.  We temporarily moved out of our condo, and are now house sitting for the winter in the suburbs!  The kids love it, of course.  They have neighborhood friends, a sledding hill in the backyard, and a LOT of space to roam around this huge house.  I like it too, except I'm realizing that there are things I love/miss about condo life; endless hot showers, instant hot water, warmth, and being able to walk to the grocery store.  Ha!

We started school on Monday.  Here's what we did:


We did school in our new environment.  It went great!  The kids finished their work promptly in the morning, we had lunch, and then we had Girl Scouts in the afternoon.  It was a special "Happy Birthday Samoas" Girl Scout meeting.  Fun stuff!


Tuesday was errands day.  Millie had piano bright and early in the morning, and we spent the rest of the day running around prepping for our next days activities.


Wednesday was the BEST. DAY. EVER!  We had a DIY.org club meeting at the house.  It was a badge-in-a-day event, where the kids completed 3 challenges to earn the Yeti badge.  At 10, our friends rolled in, and got started with their first challenge:  Make stew.  It was so fabulous to sit with my mommy friends, while the kids worked hard cooking in the kitchen.  We didn't do a thing, the kids did it all themselves.  While the stew simmered, the kids made fire starters out of wax, a wick, and pinecones, and also made "snowball launchers."  It was too cold to go outside, so they used marshmallows in liu of snow ;)  It was a really fun day.

DIY Minecraft challenge

Another stay at home day!  It was great.  The girls did their school work in the morning.  In the afternoon we were supposed to start a big one year project that the girls are going to be working on, but it was way too cold to go outside for a nature study.  Instead, they ended up working on their DIY projects.  It was kind of disappointing (for me), but we'll make up for it this weekend.


Today the girls did their school work in the morning.  In the afternoon, we did something totally new!  Millie joined a group called "The Mix."  It's a group of middle school homeschool kids that get together to work on challenges together.  Millie seemed a little nervous to go, but when we got there, she found that she knew 5 girls from SciGirls, plus a couple other friends.  She loved it!  While she did that, Elise and I hung out at the library, and picked out books.

It was a great first week back!  This weekend will bring 4-H play auditions, Chinese food, and Sunday school (for the first time in 3 weeks!!).

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  1. Wow you guys where busy. DIY.org club sounds and looked so like much fun! Stew made by someone else. yummy!