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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Neighborhood Friends, Lil' Biologist Class, and Play Practice

This is the week where *almost* everything came together perfectly.  I have my own personal studying schedule under control, and we only had two outings this week.  Perfect!  The only thing I didn't "squeeze in" is treadmill time.  Ugh.  Clearly I have to make it more of a priority.  

Here's what we did this week:


Martin Luther King day!  We weren't going to take the day off, because we never do.  Millie found out from the neighbor kids that school is off on MLK day, so Millie REALLY wanted to have the day off, too.  She decided to do all her work on Sunday evening so she could play.  The girls played outside all day with their friends.  Their cousins even came over for a while!  The played Pokemon and had cocoa between adventures outside.  I think the highlight was making forts in a hill.  


City day!  Millie had piano in the morning.  It was her first lesson after the recital, so she got all new pieces.  Yay!  After that, we went to the condo for lunch, and to kill time before playgroup.  At playgroup, the big girls played up in one of the girls bedrooms, and Elise played on her tablet the whole time.  Her friend wasn't there this week.  I think in the future we'll probably skip playgroup if there isn't anyone for Elise to play with.  I feel so horrible that she always plays the waiting game, while Millie has classes, plays with friends, etc.  She's such a good sport about it, but it makes me feel really guilty.


 We woke up bright and early to get Millie to her Lil' Biologist class.  She learned about mammals in winter.  She brought her animal tracks book, which turned out to be really handy when they saw fisher or mink tracks!  While she was at class, Elise and I had a mall date.  We did a little window shopping, picked out the gift she wants to give her friend for her birthday, and had a little treat at Starbucks.  When we got home, the girls did their 3 R's, and I did homework.


An at home day!  You'd think I could have found time to use the treadmill on our at-home day, but I didn't.  Blah.  Instead, the kids did school in the morning.  In the afternoon we learned about Jamaica.  As soon as the neighbor kids arrived home from school, my girls were out the door.  I love living in the 'burbs!  I think Millie is going to have major suburb withdrawal when we move back to the condo in April.  


Today the girls did their school work in the morning.  This week we based our 1st grade fun on Frog and Toad Are Friends, so today we watched a really good video about the frogs life cycle.  Here it is:

In the afternoon we ran errands and went on a nature walk.  In the evening, Millie's first play practice! 

I'm excited to start planning for next year.  We're going to study ancient history and earth science.  I've mentioned this before.  I seriously want to start, but I'm forcing myself to wait until Summer.  

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