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Saturday, May 2, 2015

DIY Camp, Parks, and Newspaper Outfits

Only four weeks left of school!  I've upped my game, and we're going to end the school year with a (very fun) bang.  Here's what's going on:
  1. Annual testing is on Monday
  2. After that, we're going to have some serious fun
    1. We're going to design a zoo
    2. Learn about the rainforest
    3. Work on 4-H projects
    4. The girls will do a little delight directed learning.
This week was so nice!  The weather is great, and from what I hear, it's here to stay.  Hooray!  Here's what we did this week:


The girls did their school work in the morning, and then we left for the last day of Gale Woods Farm!  Their class was shorter than usual because the last 45 minutes was set aside for a parent tour.  It was fun to see what the girls had been doing for the past 8 weeks.  They both made really nice friends at class.


 Piano was cancelled today because Millie's teacher was in a car accident :(  She'll be OK, but is very sore.  With our gift of time, we did  a lot of school work in the morning, and went to playgroup in the afternoon.  We had to stop by the U of M to pick up an ipad for Millie to use for a DIY.org camp that she's doing through 4-H.  It's an intro to acting camp.  She's having so much fun already!!  After that we went to playgroup and played with friends at a playground for a while.  The sun cooked my back, and it felt sooooo good!!


"A structure that holds 10 pounds"
Today we did school work in the morning, and then met up with friends at Fort Snelling State Park.  Elise had been looking forward to this date for a week!  She exchanged Pokemon cards with a friend, while Millie and her friend played on the beach.  Spring is so beautiful, and so SO welcome, it was fantastic to sit outside and chit chat with another homeschool mama for a few hours.  While I made dinner, Elise was busy working on *something*.  Turns out, she was building "a structure that holds 10 pounds!!"  She was pretty proud of herself :)


Amazingly, we had a stay-at-home day!!  It was so nice.  The kids acted like they hadn't been out and about in years, they were so stir-crazy.  Grrr.  I had class in the evening.  Millie and Elise went to the Humane Society with their aunt to register for the Walk for Animals, and then played with cousins until 9:30.  I had the house to myself for a couple hours.  It was nice, although I didn't get as much done as I had hoped to.


Today did school, and then had an impromptu playdate at a friends house.  It was supposed to be at a playground, but it started raining.  Boo.  Everyone had fun, anyway.  Millie and her friend scootered up to the local coffee shop to get a treat.  I love having a kid that's exploring her independence.  I remember that feeling when I was little.  Freedom!!  In the evening, we had 4-H.  Millie and a friend ran the Cloverbud activity, and the club had a competition to see who could make the best costume out of newspaper.  It was so much fun (even for me!).

This weekend will find us doing the Walk for Animals, deep cleaning the 4-H building, and spring cleaning the house.  

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