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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mounties, Minnehaha Falls, and Eco Systems


Since I made the decision to wrap up school after testing, and take it easy for the rest of the school year, we seem to have been doing a lot more school.  Ha!  It's all going so smoothly!

Here's what we did this week:


The girls did their school work in the morning (math and reading for Elise, and typing, literature, and math for Millie).  They had some free time to play in the afternoon.  We found some time to scooter up to the capital grounds, and walk to the pet store to get some horn wort plants for Wednesdays SciGirls class. On the way to the pet store, we encountered some mounted police. It's so fun to see them riding around downtown!  The girls got to pet them, and ask the police a bunch of questions :)


Today was Millies last piano lesson before her recital!  I think she's very ready :)  I absolutely love the duet she's doing with her teacher; It brings tears to my eyes.  After lessons and a quick lunch, we met up with friends at Minnehaha Falls.  It was a beautiful day.  The kids all separated into their groups (big boys, big girls, and little girls), and did their own things.  Before we left, we went on a mini-hike down to the falls.  It's so pretty!


SciGirls!  This was the SciGirls class that we were stressing out about the most.  It required a lot of planning, timing, and supplies.  It turned out to go perfectly.  Yay!  the girls had fun going on a tour of the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden, and making eco-systems to take home.  We were so lucky to have beautiful weather, since the class was entirely outside.

Thursday & Friday:

If you ask my girls, they'd say that these days were total duds.  They did their normal school work, but we didn't do anything else exciting.  They played, Millie worked on her DIY Acting Camp challenges, they had a tea party, etc.  It was nice for me to have a couple days to turn my brain off, after having just completed my first semester back at school.

It was a great week!  Find out what other homeschoolers did this week, here!

This weekend will find us attending Millie's piano recital, going to the farmers market, 
and vegging out.  Yay!

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